The Eye


TheEye runs on a LAMP server. It allows you to execute remote commands on groups of hosts to monitor. For example, it may test if a web server can establish a connection to dbserver, in the following manner:

trought ssh -c "sqlplus ..." the webserver runs sqlplus username/password... and returns the output.

TheEye parses the output searching for a pattern to verify if the test status is ok, warning or ko.).

Other tests may verify if oracle tablespaces are full, if there is enough disk space available, if apache is up, etc.

TheEye saves results of tests in a mysql db for reports. When the status of a tests changes (i.e: oracle not avaiable or network turns ok), it can send an email alert (maybe a day it can also send sms).

Each test have a command line (i.e. sqlplus), n parameters (i.e 3: username, password, SID) and Three patterns to find in the output for OK, WARNING and KO status.

Hosts are groupable by logical GROUPS (i.e: development, pre-production, production, customer1, customer2...).

Tests are groupable by SUITES (i.e: minutely, hourly, daily, weekly), crontab run a batch script who execute tests.

Operative Systems:

  • On "TheEye server": Linux, BSD (maybe also Windows + ssh or rsh client)
  • On hosts to monitor: Linux, BSD (maybe also Windows + ssh or telnet server)


  • On "TheEye server": ssh or rsh client, Php, MySql, Apache.
  • On hosts to monitor: ssh/telnet server with non-password authentication (rhost, RSAAuthentication).


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